Bond-A-Band Welding Equipment

Bondaband welding equipment is ideal for joining Bondaband Profile extrusion to make endless belts, as well as many other types of PU belting.

All Bondaband welding equipment is of the highest quality- used within our own production applications; it is tried and tested for durability, reliability and efficiency- guaranteeing substantial equipment with life longevity at competitive prices.

We offer various versions of our welding equipment to cover all or products such as ‘Welding Iron’ equipment for occasional use for hard to access areas, very portable. ‘Welding Jig’ units for continuous use, ‘Splice Kit’ for reinforced profile overlap jointing and ‘Flat Welders’ for joining flat profile mainly in narrow widths up to 150mm (6”) but we do offer a range up to and including 1220mm (48”) wide butt welders.